ESP32 audio experiments or Make a very small low cost and portable webradio

Because yesterday was a black wednesday for the open source community the next project I made is hosted on gitlab. You can find the sources for this special dirty low cost internetradio here.

Some days ago I found a new ESP32 device on aliexpress:

TTGO TAudio V1.0 or also known as TTGO-T9 v1.0

A wm8978 audio codec from Cirrus Logic can be found on this ESP audio board.

The sad thing about this device first: On their  github site they only will provide you with binaries for using the audio codec. That’s not nice. So I thought it is a good idea to make live happier and deleted my old github account, opened a new account on and posted a very basic example to get the audio codec running on this device.

You can find the sources here:

This is written in a quick and dirty way and will be polished in the next few hours.

Have fun