ESP8266 weather station (modified)

This is the nice and small IOT weather station from with a 3d printed case from To see the local temperature in my living room I used a BME280 temperature sensor instead of the DHT22 which the core programmer of the weatherstation sells in his webshop.  Also the NodeMCU was replaced by a ESP8266EX from here. ESP8266 weather station (modified) weiterlesen


IOT enabled 3D printer extruder

Today I’ll show you a first idea for an IOT enabled 3D printer extruder.   The base is a NodeMCU v1.0 running a very basic webserver script. This is a very cheap IOT device based on a ESP8266 that is very easy to program with a recent Arduino IDE. It is connected to a A4988 stepper motor driver that acts like a „normal“ driver that … IOT enabled 3D printer extruder weiterlesen


3D printer hardware updates

The most recent updates for my MPCNC used as 3D printer: Triple filament hotend or „diamond hotend“, which is a compact multicolor hotend that enables the printer to print 3 different colors/filaments at the same time through one noozle. The most recent updates for my Prusa I3C pro: Filament holder for 2 spools and a nice filament guide for dual extruder. A first result of … 3D printer hardware updates weiterlesen


State of MPCNC 3D printer

Some days ago my new metal extruders and a dual extruder arrived. So the old extruder had to be disassembled from my Prusa I3B pro  to add it for some tests to my new MPCNC machine. The dual extruder replaced the single one and magically the Prusa I3B pro became a Prusa I3C Pro. First tests with printing dual colors at the same time were … State of MPCNC 3D printer weiterlesen


MPCNC Igus style version with Smartramps (Arduino Due) controller

It’s the right time to present the Alpha-Version of a Igus-style M(ostly)P(rinted)CNC. This is a slightly modified version from the original one published by Allted on thingyverse ( Mostly all metal bearings have been replaced by new designed 3D-printed adapters. My motivation: Save money for the hardware parts to buy a more powerfull control: Smartramps (Ramps for Arduino Due) with Repetier firmware running on it. … MPCNC Igus style version with Smartramps (Arduino Due) controller weiterlesen