Weatherstation with radio transmission on Odroid-C1+


We present a little radio weatherstation that shows the temperature on a Touchdisplay on top of a Odroid-C1+.

UPDATE: Weather station goes IOT

A transmitter module is used to send a customized string and a long value (the actual temperature) measured by a BME280 sensor from Bosch. It is connected to an Arduino Mini Pro.  IThe temperature sensor is  highly  configurable, senses temperature, humidity and air pressure values of your local enviroment. The values are sent from a receiver module to another Arduino (Nano). I took these Arduinos because of the small form factor, o my wife does nt complain about the „big“ electronic devices  in our rooms.

Here only one value (temperature) is transmitted.

It is getting colder outside during the next days. So if you get up early in the morning you can use it to get a really precisely measured value for the temperature outside and instantly know which clothing for the upcoming day is reasonable.