Weather station goes IOT


my little weather station has made it to  IOT.



  • Odroid-C1+ with L(inux)A(pache)M(ySQL)P(HP)
  • Arduino Mini Pro as transmitter with
  • RF 433Mhz transmitter  module  and
  • 6 Neopixel LEDS from an ink1003 LED strip and a
  • BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensor from Bosch

The Apache webserver has a little PHP-script running that grabs the data over usb serial from the Arduino Mini Pro. A nice webinterface shows you the live temperature data and all the other values generated by the BME280. If the temperature is too hot, the 2 first neopixels turn red. If temperature is o.k. they turn green. If it is below 0 degrees it turns blue.


  • Arduino Nano with a
  • RF 433Mhz receiver module

The Odroid-C1+ can be connected

  1. to the BME280 directly without the need of any Arduino
  2. to the Arduino transmitter
  3. to the Arduino receiver

All data can be received by opening a URL in a browser. So you can use a mobile phone, pc or tablet or just another Odroid-C!+. Even using a virtual machine is possible, of course.

In all three cases the data will be served to the internet by the Apache webserver. In this case I only use localhost (and my home AP) to serve the data to all rooms in my house.

Both receiver and transmitter are battery driven.  The max  distance between the transmitter/receiver is roiund about 5 meters indoors through a single wall. So you can measure outdoor values, too. More testing will be done.

Have fun.