MakerFaire 2015 in Berlin – the days after

Yes, the Maker Faire 2015 in Berlin is already over and … it was really awesome!

Thanks to all the organizers and helpers who made this event possible. The graped midi piano was a full success. A lot of little and big children with their parents, young people and IT specialists found it interesting. Awesome was a word I often heard people saying. This makes me a little bit proud and very, very happy.

When I started to put the parts together for the presentation in Berlin I really wasn’t shure if it was a good idea to show that veggy-style piano to the rest of the world. It was not really tested deep enough. But surprisingly it ran stable the whole two days. Twice the system crashed completely and I will have to investigate the reason for that during the next days.

Especially the children had so much fun with it. The smaller the children, the bigger was the fun factor for them and me myself.
Here is a video with a small impression: A young women playing the piano as if she did it for the last few weeks. She played it better as I ever will. You will also find some explanations about the features of the graped piano.

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