Artificial intelligence on a single board computer

With the new single board computer „Jetson Nano“ from nvidia it is possible to make this little thing really „see“ and detect things.

This 99.00 $ sbc is able to recognise the real world and process the things it sees in nearly realtime. For such a little thing it is astonishing what you can do nowadays: only with a dirty cheap usb webcam and a more dirty cheap computer running on 5V.

What you can see here are some examples from the open source Computer Vision software OpenCV version 4.1.1 written in python exectuted directly on the Jetson Nano. The usb camera is watching TV (soccer, of course :-))

On the monitor connected to the Jetson Nano via HDMI you can see the images being processed by OpenCV 4.1.1. The samples can be found in the (… surprise, surprise) opencv’s samples/python folder.

If you are interested in how to get OpenCV 4.1.1 installed on the Nano: Here we go

Have fun.