Fila switch

Pimp my prusa

After I got some magic smoke from my good old GT2650 board from the modded Prusa I3 B pro (which is a dual extruding I3C pro version now) there had to be made some decisions:
Replace the old board with a new one or take a more recent faster version? Replace the old MK8 direct drive extrudes with some more reliable ones? Two stepper motors plus extrudres are heavy weight and make the x-axis very slow. So the decision was made quickly and all parts have been updated now.

My Prusa is running with Smartramps for Due now ->

The old MK8 direct drive extrudes have been replaced with two of these great Saint flint extruders from here -> and actually I am experimenting with the brand new Carboinoid 4 color filament switch from here ->

Fila switch
Fila switch

If that all is going to work  as it should, my Prusa is ready to print more parts for the InMOOV project with much higher quality 😉

Thanks a lot to all those who developed these parts and put the sources online!

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