More MPCNC upgrade – new z-rod

After I saw that user „James VanDusen“ posted about „8mm m8 threaded rod“ in the MPCNC forum I decided to do all these steps to try it out. So this morning I dissassembled everything around the rod, printed out the new part F-XYZ_T8.stl from In my case (25 mm IE version) you can find it here:

What I didn’t find is a part that replaces the F-Nutlock. The post says something about an untested part called Leadscrew M8 nut holder

So after thinking about it and because I hadn’t another M8 nut here but a 8mm linear ball bearing I will give this a try: A new designed F-Nutlock.

New z rod parts
New z-rod parts
Redesigned F Nutlock for 8mm linear bearing
Redesigned F-Nutlock for 8mm linear bearing

First impression of the new assembled z-axis with T8 leadscrew upgrade: