MPCNC 3D printer starts printing – online


this is the most recent status of my MPCNC 3D printer. Everything is built from scratch. My first intention was to build it replacing all bearings with igus style bearings. But because of the special design of the middle part this is not possible (for now 😉

The middlepart needs these metal bearings to work rigid. The plastic parts spread a little bit when you put it on the metal rods. My igus adapter won’t. So: No chance right now to get this working.

But: The outer linear rods work very smoothly with them. So you can save 24 metal bearings and replace them with 3d printed igus adapters. After some more testing you’ll find these adapters on thingyverse.

At the end of the video you can see a little red sleeve case (printed on MPCNC) containing a odroid-c1+ with reptier-server running on it.

After activating z-probing in Repetier firmware the layers are perfectly growing now.



Timelapse of first z-probe testing: