Remote control for your 3D printer

Octoprint, Odroid-C1 and a Prusa I3 B Pro from Geeetech are perfect teamplayers to build an open source hard- and software solution for realizing a remote controllable 3D printer.
Octoprint is a server which offers you a webinterface for not only providing a video live view of your printing process but it lets you upload gcode files remoteley to your printer or the SD-card of your printer.

Octoprint is running on a litte Odroid-C1 and in my case taking control over a Prusa I3 B Pro. To make the printer more silent it is modified with
– new (silent cooler fans)
– two new stepper motor drivers (Trinamic Silent Step Sticks )  on the x/y-axis
– replaced ball bearings on the y-axis with 3D printed ones from thingiverse.

A very good video on how to install octoprint on a similar board (Raspberry Pi) from Thomas Sanladerer can be found on youtube

More information about Octoprint ->