ODROID-C2 – first 4k test with real hardware TV


today some nice guys from a nearby electronic hardware store gave me permission to test the ODROID-C2 with some 4k capable TV-Screens from Samsung and LG.

Special thanks to the guys from MediaMarkt in Düsseldorf for their uncomplicated support and the trust in the curious little machine 😉

Please excuse the „suround sounds“. As this video was made in public space I hadn’t any influence on that.

To make the long story short: 4k is not jet fully supported under Ubuntu because the mali drivers hw acceleration isn’t working now. As the core developer of hardkernel wrote, these will be enabled during march of this year.

But, to be honest: The mate desktop on a 4k screen is … wow. The videos are only 720p, so there is no chance to get the right impression. But the ubuntu desktop on a curved design 4k screen is really fantastic!

4 Gedanken zu „ODROID-C2 – first 4k test with real hardware TV“

  1. A little more info would be great regarding video output (cable) and ubuntu version. Does Ubuntu recognized native solution of the screen automatically or some modifications needed?


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