Control 3D visuals touchless with Arduino

Inspired by an earlier work published on makezine ( I have build another 3d controller interface with an Arduino Uno  and the bleeding edge version of processing (, a visualization software for your hardware projects.

Download and install processing as described on

Build 3 sensors from old CD covers, aluminum foil and three wires as seen in the video. Connect the 3 wires to digital pins 8-10 on your arduino.

Upload this sketch with the Arduino IDE to your arduino.

Start your processing IDE with

ant linux-run (if you prefer linux os) or ant run (on other os)

in the build directory of processing. Download into your processing sketchbook folder and extract it.

Open gm_3d_cube sketch in the processing IDE and (hopefully)…

Have fun.

UPDATE!  The company PolyIC® ( from Fürth, Germany) sent me some samples of their selfconductive films for testing purposes.  Conneted with an Arduino it is possible to control a 3D cube via processing, too. Many thanks to PolyIC®. You can see their products on the

DRUPA 2016

Poly IC on DRUPA 2016