Hi-Fi graped piano with Odroid-C1+

Working on the new Odroid-C1+ becomes more and more interesting. Having compiled the realtime kernel sources successfully on the C1+ I got the graped midi piano running together with the HiFi-Shield from hardkernel.com. You can plug the shield into your HiFi station at home or plug in your favorite headphones. Here I just use it together with simple bluetooth speaker which is connected with a stereo cable to the HiFi-Shield (which is a real waste of resources, I know. I just want to get a mobile HiFi Midi Graped Piano).

The graped piano can be connected with up to 48 grapes, but to keep the amount of wires low there is only a demonstration with 4 grapes (I’m not so hungry today).

To get the best conditions for my grapes I plugged a mini weather station (BME280) additionally on the breadboard. So, if it’s too hot, you can ask somebody to cool the location. Than your grapes will be fresh for a long, long time.

As third gimmick I plugged my touch(less) sensitive TouchDuino into the C1+ and can generate sounds with it by touching a DIY touchless sensor made from an old CD-cover and some aluminium foil.