Odroid-C1 + Touchboard + Waveboard = mobile synth for everyone


this is a setup that consists of an Odroid-C1 with self compiled realtime preemptive kernel connected to a Bare Conductive Touchboard that drives my Waveboard. You could use it headless (without screen) but in fact you don’t even need it. The quad core sbc Odroid-C1 is fast enough to play midi in realtime without any  xruns (buffer underruns). But for demonstrating how things are setup and work you can even fire up your desktop environment and midi sound works in realtime without any glitches. And the best thing is:

Everything is batterie driven so you can use this high configurable mobile DAW as a midi synth and connect all your midi devices like keyboards, or whatever midi things you own and connect them to your odroid. Take it with you in your pocket. It’s small!

For the Touchboard you can see some real exiting midi instruments from designer and musician Vahakn Matossian from Human Instruments which could be used everywhere inside or outside with the odroid-c1.

Here some first impressions on the possibilities of the Touchboard in conjunction with the Odroid-C1 and my Waveboard. If you want to know how to build something similar as the „flexible tube thing“ shown in the video from  Human Instruments above for cheap, then look here->https://blog.georgmill.de/2015/05/30/electronic-wind-instrument-ewi-for-about-5-euro/