Filament monitor

Pimp my prusa – part2

Today  two more upgrades for my good Prusa I3 B. No 1: Infrared filament monitor. Detect filament blocking with routines to stop/pause 3D printer and let the user interact to solve the problem. This is an alpha development thing connected to an Arduino mini pro. It detects the movements of the little wheel and can count the movements (meters) the filament made. No 2: Bracket … Pimp my prusa – part2 weiterlesen

More MPCNC upgrade – new z-rod

After I saw that user „James VanDusen“ posted about „8mm m8 threaded rod“ in the MPCNC forum I decided to do all these steps to try it out. So this morning I dissassembled everything around the rod, printed out the new part F-XYZ_T8.stl from In my case (25 mm IE version) you can find it here: What I didn’t find is a part … More MPCNC upgrade – new z-rod weiterlesen