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IMAG0111Georg Mill – European Multimedia Professional

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This is a blog about Linux , 3D print , and microcontrollers.

It’s all about Open Source, Open Hardware, Open Minds.

Linux and I met 1999 and I am surprised that it has such a poor consumer acceptance on desktops nowadays. It just makes fun to work with open source and open hardware. I am familiar with programming JAVA, C, C++ , Python and Bash scripting.  As a real fan of LEGO bricks the Mindstorm Robotic Invention Kit was my first microcontroller hardware.

After diving into it I had to recognice that there are a lot of cheap and easy to use development boards and single board computers available for a low price with much hightech inside.

Arduino was the first one I bought to build a midi drum computer. The Raspberry Pi version B followed and my newest „baby“ is the Odroid-C2 , which is a litte quad core single board computer with endless possibilities. The „creator“ of this korean single chip computer decided to get me as one of their Beta-Testers.

My current project is a new verson of a mostly printed cnc machine with custumized bearings, which are printed as well.

Next step is diving into the world of robotics and build some of them.