Compile Wolfson Audio Card driver for kernel 3.12.y , a new try

The easy way: # Download the binaries from here: sha1sum   kernelAndFirmware_wolfson_rt.tar.bz2 is 76c3b38f588f09ae6a557f3065ce9dc30674615b kernelAndFirmware_wolfson_rt.tar.bz2 mkdir kernelAndFirmware_wolfson_rt Extract: tar -xvjf kernelAndFirmware_wolfson_rt.tar.bz2 -C kernelAndFirmware_wolfson_rt and copy to root of the Raspberry pi. sudo nano /boot/config.txt change kernel=kernel.img to # kernel=kernel.img kernel=kernel_new.img sudo sync sudo reboot or do it the hard way 😉   Read  Compile and install as […]