3D printed Flex joints for 3D printer

Some days ago I found a nice project/3D model on thingiverse that has my full attention while constructing my new xy-core 3D printer: CLINT.

Flex joints. These things can be easily printed with a reprap style 3D printer like CLINT. Oh, yes… CLINT is alive 🙂

Spherical flexure joints (original files) by Jelle_Rommers April 29, 2021 on


This kind of joint is based on tetrahedron elements and has the potential to find its way into my new printer design. To be exact it will be the base for dampening my 3D printer bed.

4 of them on each edge of the printerbed will make the bed absolutley stiff in horizontal direction (and that is what we want), but give the bed the posiibility to move parallel to the vertical direction, so it can absorbe vibrations of the printer frame and stepper motors.

The idea behind this looks something like this:

Also this mechanism avoids that your xy- or z-axis or extruder will totaly damage if the noozle crashes (for whatever reason) into your printrer bed.

Maybe something like this…

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